Maslenitsa – Масленица

In the end of February Russians celebrated „Maslenitsa“, a bright festival. Of course I went to the central square of our town to take some pictures and voilà: here they are! A bit late, I know. Anyway, I added some interesting, historical facts for you 🙂


Update – Halftime 5 months (english & deutsch) + some photos

It feels so unreal that already the half of my exchange year has been passed – 5 incredible, unforgettable months. As I am realizing more and more everyday this time has changed me already and will change me further. Words like home, family and loneliness got another dimension, another meaning for me. Now, so far away from my family and my home, I feel more closely connected with them than ever before and at the same time it becomes clear, that I has been becoming an independent, strong girl and I don´t need their active help anymore. And loneliness, well, I should say, that sometimes I had this feeling also in Germany and it isn´t only connected with the place where you are or the people you are surrounded by. It is nothing physically and you feel much better if you try not to isolate yourself from others but to overcome the differences. But that´s another topic. Weiterlesen

Sochi – AFS camp 2014

From the 1.-5. of November I was in Sochi with many other exchange students and russian guys. It was amazing, but I am too lazy to write about it, so here are only some photos and a short video for you… I am sorry. But if you want to know what we did, you can read a detailed report about our trip on Emma´s blog here. She´s an exchange student in Russia, too 🙂 (But you need to scroll down to find the english text)

Photos of my short trip to Vladimir

Last friday I was in Vladimir and Susdal, very old and historical towns not far away from mine.

Click on the first picture to start the gallery 🙂